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School Finance Support

School finance is a complex and important part of any school district.  Dinamico offers services to support school districts through transitions and training.  Our team has multiple licensed Business Managers and years of experience to help your district.  With the shortage of qualified Business Managers, Dinamico is ready to support your organization to maximize the impact of the tax dollars to benefit the students of your school community.

Educational Leadership Search Service

For school districts, hiring the superintendent and key leadership positions are key to the success of the organization.  Dinamico provides search consulting services to support the Board through the hiring process. The Dinamico team brings years of experience in all levels and departments within school districts.  The team has an expansive network of educational leaders and is able to actively recruit high-quality candidates. Let the hiring, recruiting, and educational experiences of the Dinamico team help to discover key educational leaders for your organization.

Board Development

As Boards experience transition and new members are seated it is crucial that supports, successful on-boarding, and team development takes place.  The Dinamico team is ready to support your organization and help develop the skills that lead to a powerful, effective, and efficient organization.


Whether you have clearly defined data goals or you are interested in learning about how you can leverage data to improve your organization, the Dinamico team is available to help you implement a data strategy that informs your decision making process.