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The easily managed, customizable compensation management platform.

Creating compensation systems that make a difference can be challenging. Spreadsheets are complicated and error-prone.

DinamiComp fixes that and a whole lot more.

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What can DinamiComp do for you?

Help ensure compensation equity!

Have you made these types of decisions:

  • Hiring someone at a higher rate than normal?
  • Providing a pay increase because someone was “going to leave” if you didn’t comply?

Arbitrary compensation decisions can lead to compensation inequity and put your organization at risk. The MOMENT you created inconsistency in compensation, you opened your organization up to discrimination complaints.

DinamiComp systems are objective and targeted. Take the guesswork out of compensation decisions!

Help you attract candidates who fit your organization!

While developing your DinamiComp compensation systems you will articulate your organization’s values. You then create job postings that reflect what you value…and upon what you will base compensation! This will allow you to attract candidates who fit your organization!

Help you keep great people!

It is time to pay your people what they are worth. Your top performers? They get top dollar! Your low performers? They get what they have earned. Your compensation systems will be targeted, objective, and efficient! Stop under-compensating your high performers and over-compensating your low performers!

Guess what? If you continue to under-compensate your top performers, they will be looking for new jobs! And if you keep over-compensating your low performers, they are staying!!!! Both waste time and money!

Encourage and reward satisfactory AND exceptional performance!

If there are standards you want your employees to meet, put them in your compensation system! Longivity-based systems do NOTHING for the organization and do not combat quiet quitting. Give your employees a reason to perform!

Make the management of your compensation systems a breeze!

The more systems you have the more likely they are structured and managed differently. DinamiComp will allow you to streamline everything you do with compensation!

Your compensation systems can be used as a tool for organizational and individual improvement.

Are you leveraging the power of your compensation systems?

Imagine How You Would Feel If:

You have systems in place that help you ensure compensation equity!
You post a job and you have a plethora of applicants who fit your organization!
You retain great people!
Your workforce routinely meets and exceeds your expectations!

Dinamicomp Makes These Desires Your Reality!

The Cost

As little as $6/employee/month*

*Commensurate with the Size of Your Organization.

*Plus a one-time onboarding/licensing fee.

Our Appearances

What Are They Saying?

My bosses are recognizing the value I bring to the company!

Lynn G., Regional Manager

We love it!

The Dinamico team has created a tool that most people in HR think is a myth! It’s customizable and can be used by any employer who wants to make an impact on their organization!

Oakleigh  R., HR Executive, Business Coach

DinamiComp has made our compensation managment very easy!

Michelle B., CFO

DinamiComp is revolutionary and disruptive! This will change the way people look at compensation.

Aaron R., Superintendent

DinamiComp  is an incredible tool for leaders, teams, and the organization itself. It focuses on vision, values, and mission to set clear expectations and goals for your team.

Individuals can see their pathway to compensation growth through clarity and understanding of the model.

DinamiComp provides leaders with a good platform to promote dynamic conversation with their team and promotes a culture of positive accountability. Transparency is critical in the development of trust and understanding with your team. DinamiComp helps organizations deliver on those expectations.

Jamison B, Executive Director

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