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Aligning Compensation with Employee Input

A dynamic compensation management platform that allows our partner clients to:

Attract Candidates Who Fit
Retain Great People
Encourage and Reward Satisfactory AND Exemplary Performance
Help Ensure Compensation Equity

Do You Struggle With:

Not attracting people who fit your organization?
Retaining people who are making a difference?
Encouraging your people to go above and beyond expectations?
Ensuring your compensation practices are equitable?

Your compensation systems can be used as a tool for organizational and individual improvement.

Are you leveraging the power of your compensation systems?

Imagine How You Would Feel If:

You post a job and you have a plethora of applicants who fit your organization!
You retain great people!
Your workforce routinely meets and exceeds your expectations!
You have systems in place that help you ensure compensation equity!

Our Story

We like paths.  Paths in the woods, base paths, paths upon which others have tread, and paths for progress.  During our time in executive positions, we realized no clear paths existed for compensation strategies and systems: most we encountered were antiquated, rudimentary, and arbitrary.  We spent 7+ years investigating this quandary and once we discovered the algorithms necessary to customize and simplify compensation, we created a path for all to follow and Dinamico was born.

Our Passion

Simply stated, we love to help other leaders.  Collectively, our team has 45+ years of leadership experience and the highlight of our experiences is the growth we have incurred when collaborating, helping, and growing with other leaders.  We partner with our clients so we can grow together.

DinamiComp: A Dynamic Compensation Management Platform

DinamiComp is predicated on the notion that employees possess skills, abilities, certifications, degrees, etc., that are valuable to the organization.  We call these things Pay Differential Variables (PDVs).

PDVs are the values the organization holds dear for specific employee groups.  If it can be measured, we consider it a PDV and it can be included in your DinamiComp compensation system.

What can DinamiComp do?

  1. Attract Candidates Who Fit the Organization: completed systems reflect the values of the organization and are part of job announcements, which will attract candidates who fit those values.
  2. Retain Great People: employees are rewarded for the great things they do, which helps them feel valued and leads to trust.  Trust leads to improved retention rates.
  3. Encourage and Reward Satisfactory AND Exemplary Performance: performance standards, as determined by evaluations, can be included in the DinamiComp® compensation systems, which will encourage and reward satisfactory AND exemplary performance.
  4. Ensure Compensation Equity: compensation is objective, targeted, justified, and documented.

Decision-makers develop and maintain their DinamiComp compensation systems utilizing the following controls:

  • Budgetary control: the % increase for total salaries in a given category can be controlled.
  • Minimum salary/wage: a base salary/wage is set annually.
  • Maximum salary/wage: a maximum salary/wage is set annually.
  • Hold Harmless: controls the salary/wage of those who may be worth less compensation from one year to the next.  
  • Maximum Increase: controls the % increase an individual employee could realize each reporting period.

We Get It: Compensation Innovation and Management Can Be Daunting!

We know that our coworkers are our top priority, so we help our clients develop systems that prioritize their coworkers. Contact us today so you can invest in your organization’s most asset: its people!

The Process

  • Book a Consultation: Let’s discuss your current compensation, attraction, and retention challenges.
  • Invest in Your Organization!  Start identifying the values you know make a difference for your organization.
  • Prepare for Improvement!  You will attract candidates who fit you and retain great people who are meeting and exceeding your expectations while you ensure there is compensation equity!

What Are They Saying?

My bosses are recognizing the value I bring to the company!

Lynn G., Regional Manager

The Dinamico team has created a tool that most people in HR think is a myth! It’s customizable and can be used by any employer who wants to make an impact on their organization!

Oakleigh  R., HR Executive, Business Coach

DinamiComp is revolutionary and disruptive! This will change the way people look at compensation.

Aaron R., Superintendent

DinamiComp  is an incredible tool for leaders, teams, and the organization itself. It focuses on vision, values, and mission to set clear expectations and goals for your team.

Individuals can see their pathway to compensation growth through clarity and understanding of the model.

DinamiComp provides leaders with a good platform to promote dynamic conversation with their team and promotes a culture of positive accountability. Transparency is critical in the development of trust and understanding with your team. DinamiComp helps organizations deliver on those expectations.

Jamison B, Executive Director